Tours Yosemite National Park California

Yosemite National Park California CA: This national park is located in the
mountainous terrain of Sierra Nevada of California covering in area of about 1200 sq miles. It is a
UNESCO designated world heritage site. The park is almost wholly wilderness dominated and
contains thousands of lake, ponds, hiking trails, spectacular granite cliffs, waterfalls and giant
groves. Fresno is the nearest airport at about 125 miles distance, San Francisco is about 195
miles, Sacramento about 176 miles, Reno and Lake Tahoe about 218 miles, Los Angeles about
331 miles, San Diego about 441 miles and Las Vegas about 400 miles.

Getting around: Park is open 24 hours 365 days a year. Personal or rental autos may be used to
drive into and around the park except some areas not accessible approximately from November
to May due to snow. A limited bus service in the park is available. Also available is free shuttle
service within some areas of the Park. Entrance and other fees may apply.

Tourist seasons: High tourist season June to August, shoulder March to May and September to
October, low December to February.

Weather: Climatological Information Yosemite National Park, California, source unknown.
Altitudes and other factors may substantially influence the weather conditions in the same city,
town and neighborhood. Historical data may not be relied on for current conditions. Visit the
relevant source for the other climate variables.

Average temperatures May 44 – 71F, June 50 to 80F, July to September 55 to 90F, October 40
to 71F, November 33 to 55F, December to February 28 to 50F, March 35 to 60F and April 40 to
65F, lower at higher elevations, precipitation November to March 5 to 7 inches April, May and
October around 2 to 3 inches and June to September under 1 inch month.

Snowfall and weather related variants: Snowfall varies by elevation e.g. Mammoth Hot Springs
from November to April 8 to 11 inches month, about 4 inches in October. Wind-chill factors bring
temperatures substantially down. Hottest month July, coolest December. Highest recorded
temperature 109F and lowest - 7F.

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