Tours Turkey

Turkey, a country in western Asia with a small part in south east Europe, borders the
Mediterranean Sea, the Aegean Sea, the Black Sea and eight other countries. It has
mountainous landscape in the east which is also source of a few rivers. About 30 million tourists
visit the country every year. Among others the tourist attractions here include about 14 UNESCO
World Heritage Sites, the seven wonders of the ancient world, the Mausoleum at Halicamassus
and Temple of Artemis, other historical sites and cultural attractions, seaside resorts, spas, health
tourism, beaches and cruises. Ankara is the capital, Istanbul the largest city and the major
international airport among numerous others in the country.

Getting around: Personal and rental autos, taxis, buses, trams, inter-city air, trains, boats and
tour vehicles.

Tourist seasons: High tourist season is from June to August, mid season April, May, September,
October and low season November to March.

Weather: Climatological Information Istanbul, Turkey, source Turkish State Meteorological
Service. Altitudes and other factors may substantially influence the weather conditions in the
same city, town and neighborhood. Historical data may not be relied on for current conditions.
Visit relevant source for other climate variables.


100mm = 3.9370 inches, 50mm = 1.9685 inches,
25mm = 0.9842 inches, 12.5mm = 0.4921 inches


  1. Climatological information is based on monthly averages for the 72-year period 1929-
  2. Precipitation includes both rain and snow.
  3. Attention: Please note that the averaging period for climatological information and the
    definition of "Mean Number of Precipitation Days" quoted in this web site may be different for
    different countries. Hence, care should be taken when city climatologies are compared.

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