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Sunderbans, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the state of West Bengal, is a National Park,
Tiger Reserve and a Biosphere Reserve. This densely covered mangrove forests is a largest
reserves of the Bengal Tiger. The word Sunderbans means a land of beautiful forests which
amply describes the area. A land of 54 tiny islands, crisscrossed by innumerable tributaries of
Ganga that was once infested by Arakanese and Portuguese pirates is now the abode of varied
flora and fauna population. Spread over an area of 9630 sq kms (3718 sq miles) about 60 percent
falls in the country of Bangladesh. With 70 percent under saline water Sunderbans is the world's
largest estuarine forest. There is a very rich wildlife habitat here with about 250 to 300 tigers
roaming around which kill one to two hundred people every year. Some of the reptiles are
predators too, including two species of crocodiles, the Gharials, the Water monitor lizards, Sharks
and Gangetic dolphins roam the waterways. There is much more wildlife here than just the
endangered Royal Bengal Tiger. Bangladesh part alone was estimated, over two decades ago, to
have over 40 species of mammals, 35 reptiles, 8 amphibians, 275 species birds and 150 species
of commercially important fish. About 245 general and 334 plant species were recorded by David
Prain in the year 1903. Kolkata (Calcutta) is the nearest airport about 112 kms (70 miles), the
nearest railways station is Canning about 44 kms (28 miles), motorboats ply on to Sajnekhali.
Permits are required and restrictions may apply.

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Tourist seasons: Park is open from September to May and high tourist season is from
November to early March.

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