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Manas And Kaziranga Wildlife, 176 kms (109 miles) from Guwahati, is a UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site and a Project Tiger Reserve. It is one of the nine Tiger Reserves for conservation of wildlife in India. It is situated on the bank of river Manas, which has peculiar faunal features and is known for its rare and endangered wildlife such as Assam Roofed Turtle, Hispid Hare, Golden Langur and Pygmy Hog and Wild Water Buffalo. The sanctuary has recorded 55 species of mammals, 380 species of birds, 50 species of reptiles and three species of amphibians out of which 21 mammals are India’s Schedule I mammals and 31 of them are threatened.

Manas And Kaziranga Wildlife, about 217 kms (135 miles) from Guwahati and 97 kms (60 miles) from
Jorhat, the nearest airport, is located on the banks Brahmputra River in the heart of the state of
Assam. It is inhabited by world’s largest population of one-horned Rhinoceroses and many
mammals including Tigers, Elephants, Panthers and Bears besides thousands of birds.
Kaziranga gives visitors a chance to see the fauna at fairly close quarters. Spread over an area of
430 sq kms (166 sq miles) the park is bound by the Mikir Hills on the south and Brahmputra River
on the north. The park also has Elephants, Swamp or Wild Buffalo, Swamp Deer, Hog Deer,
Barking Deer, Sambar, Hoolock Gibbon, Pythons, Civet Cat, Wild Board and Tigers, rich variety
of fresh Water Fowls, over 450 species of woodland and grassland birds of which 18 species are
globally threatened. It has been identified by Birdlife International as an important Bird Area with
variety of migratory birds, water birds, predators, scavengers and game birds.

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