Tours Lake Tahoe California

Lake Tahoe, This is the area surrounding the largest and the deepest lake in the country.
The town is located on the borders of the states of California and Nevada with parts of the town
falling in one state of the other. The area is a major tourist destination. The beaches, lake waters,
ski slopes, golf courses and casinos offer variety of tourist attractions.

Tourist seasons: High tourist season is June to August, mid season March to May and low is
season September to February.

Weather: Climatological Information Lake Tahoe, California, source unknown. Altitudes and other
factors may substantially influence the weather conditions in the same city, town and
neighborhood. Historical data may not be relied on for current conditions. Visit relevant source for
the other climate variables.

Average temperatures January 10 to 40F, February 20 to 40F, March 22 to 44F, April 27 to 50F,
May 33 to 60F, June 39 to 69F, July 45 to 78F, August 44 to 77F, September 39 to 70F, October
32 to 59F, November 26 to 47F, December 21 to 40F, precipitation November to March about 3
inches and April to October from 0.50 to 2 inches monthly.

Snowfall and weather related variants: snowfall averages November about 50 inches,
December about 61 inches, January, February about 75 inches, March about 85 inches, April
about 36 inches, May about 9 inches, June about 2.5 inches, September about 4 inches and
October about 13 inches, hottest month July, coolest January, highest recorded temperature 99F,
lowest -29F.

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