Tours Jasper National Park Alberta

Jasper National Park AB: Jasper is a town in the center of Jasper National Park, the
largest national park in the Canadian Rockies spread over about 4200 sq miles. The park is a
popular tourist destination in summer as well as winter. This park offers a more laid back
mountain experience, adventure, discovery and relaxation. There are about 620 miles of trails,
thousands of campsites, a large variety of wildlife and magical dark sky experience. A highway
runs right through the park but some roads may not be suitable for large vehicular traffic. The
nearest airports are Edmonton about 227 miles, Calgary about 260 miles, Vancouver about 500
miles and bus and train services are available on certain routes.

Getting around: Personal, rental autos, taxis, tour and shuttle vehicular services.

Tourist seasons: High tourist season is June to August, mid season September to October and
low season November to February.

Weather: Temperatures average June to August around 40 to 71F, September to October 29 to
60F, November to February 8 to 30F, March to 20 to 40F. Average monthly snowfall October
about 4 inches, November to January about 10 inches, February March about 6 inches, April
about 3 inches, May June and September 1 inch or less, if at all. Wind-chill factors may bring the
temperatures substantially down. Highest recorded temperature 98.1F lowest – 52.1F. Hottest
month is July and coolest January. Average monthly precipitation less than 3 inches June to
August and around 1 inch or less in other months

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