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Haiti : This country in the Caribbean Sea shares a small portion of the Island of Hispaniola with
Dominican Republic. Ayiti, meaning the land of mountains, was its original name. French called it
La Perle des Antilles because of its natural pearl like beauty. This country is spread over an area
of about 10714 sq miles and is the third largest in the Caribbean. Tourist attractions here include
beautiful beaches, palm trees, picturesque mountainous landscape with beautiful valleys, rivers,
lakes, caves, archaeological sites, a beautiful view of the Sea, national parks, Art, historic
sightseeing and walking tours, water sports and activities. About a million tourists come here
yearly mostly by cruises ships in spite economic conditions, flooding, crime and other issues. Port
Au Prince is the largest city, the capital city, the cruise ship port and the largest airport also
known as Toussaint Louverture International.

Getting around: Rail for inter city, personal and rental autos, commonly used pickup trucks used
as shared taxis or bus services and ferry and boat services for waterways travel.

Tourist seasons: High tourist season is from December to March, mid season April to May and
low season June to November.

Weather: Climatological Information Port Au Prince, Haiti source unknown. Altitudes and other
factors may substantially influence the weather conditions in the same city, town
and neighborhood. Historical data may not be relied on for current conditions. Visit the relevant source
for other climate variables.

Temperatures hover around 88F from November to January, February to May around 89F and
June to October around 90 to 94F, precipitation around 6 to 8 inches month April, May, August,
September, October and around 1 to three inches June, Jul, November, December and January
to March and hurricane season from June to November.

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