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What travel documents are required for a trip?

This information can be obtained from the travel service providers, carrier’s personnel or by visiting the websites of Consulates or Embassies of countries to be visited or transited.

Reasons some passengers end up paying high fares compared to others?

Airlines fares go up and down with seasons and as the flights fill up. High season fares are the highest due to high demand. This usually is linked to school and other holidays. Mid season fares are applicable during period when demand is not so high. Low season similarly refers to the time when demand is low because conditions at destination may be less inviting. Besides, the carriers pre-set their systems to multiple fare increases upon each block of certain number of seats have been booked.

To buy air fares on line or through professional travel agents?

Travel professionals offer services that a machine cannot. Planning any trip requires expert inputs and advice and dealing with unforeseen issues may prove to be a daunting task. A professional travel agent may come handy in situations like these. More often than not a travel agent can work out a better fare plan. It may be by taking advantage of the discounts, special fares and watching out for cheaper fare categories should these become available upon cancellations.

Should one take an organized tour or do it on own on arrival destination?

To avoid surprises and unknown situations organized tours are best but some travelers do it on their own. Escorted and organized tours, generally, include services of a guide for sightseeing. Tour relevant destinations are pre-established. Hotels, airport transfers, some meals may be included.Sightseeing is covered at the fastest possible pace leaving the need to find transportation, routes to attractions to the operators of the tour.

Best ways to get maximum benefit from the travel budget?

Have flexibility in travel dates and time. Travel during low or mid season. Be aware that the fares may be nonrefundable and change penalty with new fare difference at the time of change may be payable.

Airline fares are pre-set to increase after a certain block of few seats have been sold. Book early when the flights are at initial booking status upon fares sale announcement.

What steps should be taken for passengers with special needs?

Requirements may differ from one carrier to the other. Special needs may range from a simple meet and assist request to wheelchair need, carry on wheelchair, use of oxygen during the flight, transportation by stretcher and others. Pre-arrange with carrier concerned at the time of making reservations and before making payment. Some arrangements may require feasibility reviews. Time consuming medical clearance formalities may be required in some cases.

To buy travel protection insurance or not?

This should be evaluated on individual basis and personal considerations. Unforeseen situations may necessitate cancellation of trips. Penalties may apply progressively depending on how soon before the trip departure the cancellation occurs. Fares may be nonrefundable. Risk factors and all pros and cons should be evaluated and accepted.

What if help is needed at destination?

Arrangers of travel/tour should provide the contact information before departure. In case of help for carriage of passengers the carrier concerned may also be contacted.