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England, a country in Europe, is more commonly known as United Kingdom of Britain covering
the island of Great Britain. The country’s terrain mostly consists of low hills and plains except
some parts of the north. It has land borders with Scotland and the Wales whereas the country of
France is separated by about 34 kms (21 miles) waters and connected by a Channel Tunnel. The
country’s parliamentary government system has been widely adopted by other nations. There are
several UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the country. Besides, there are many museums among
them the London’s British Museum with a collection of about seven million objects. London is the
largest metropolitan area and the largest urban zone in European Union. The longest river
entirely in the same country is the Thames about 346 kms (215 miles) long. London is the capital,
the major and busiest airport among many others in the country.

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Tourist seasons: High tourist season is from June to August, mid season April, May, September
and October, low season November to March.

Weather: Climatological Information London, UK of Great British source Met Office. Altitudes and
other factors may substantially influence the weather conditions in the same city, town and
neighborhood. Historical data may not be relied on for current conditions. Visit the relevant source
for other climate variables.


100mm = 3.9370 inches, 50mm = 1.9685 inches,
25mm = 0.9842 inches, 12.5mm = 0.4921 inches


  1. Climatological information is based on monthly averages for the 30-year period 1981-
  2. Mean number of rain days = Mean number of days with at least 1 mm of rain.
  3. Attention: Please note that the averaging period for climatological information and the
    definition of "Mean Number of Precipitation Days" quoted in this web site may be different for
    different countries. Hence, care should be taken when city climatologies are compared.

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