Tours Bonaire

Bonaire Island This small Islands is a Netherlands territory in the Caribbean Sea and is a
part of the well known ABC Islands A=Aruba, B= Bonaire and C=Curacao. Spread over an area
of about 112 sq miles the Island consists of two recognized townships Kralendjik, the capital and
Rincon. It is said to be a diver’s paradise, promoted as a best kept secret, probably, because of
lesser known to visitors compared to other ABC Islands, breathtaking scenic views, and nature
preservation measures by the administration, unhurried, unspoiled beaches and water sports.
Bonaire airport also known Flamingo International and cruise ship port are located in Kralendjik.
Cruise ships, direct and connecting flights from USA and other countries serve this Island.

Getting around: There is no public bus service here, metered and unmet red taxis with drivers
as good guides are popular alongside rented autos

Tourist seasons: High tourist season is from December to April, mid season from October to
November and low season from May to September.

Weather: Climatological Information Hamilton, Bermuda source unknown. Altitudes and other
factors may substantially influence the weather conditions in the same city, town and
neighborhood. Historical data may not be relied on for current conditions. Visit relevant source for
other climate variables. Temperatures year round hover around 82F, hurricane season is June to
November but threat is almost non-existent, total precipitation is about 22 inches a year most of
which is from October to January, popular trade winds keep the temperatures breezy and
pleasant much of the time of the year.

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