Tours Anguilla

Anguilla Island: This small British West Indies Island is located in the Caribbean Sea.
Saint Martin, Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands are its closest neighbor Islands. The Island is spread
over an area of about 35 sq miles besides a few other little Islands and cays with hardy any
permanent inhabitation. The Island is known for spectacular coral reefs, unrivaled white beaches,
breathtaking turquoise seas, nature’s beauty all over and casual and easy life style. The Valley
city is the capital. Anguilla airport also known as Clayton J Lloyd International has air services
through San Juan, Puerto Rico and other Islands.

Getting around: Personal and rental autos, taxis, ferry and private boats connecting the
neighboring Islands

Tourist seasons: High tourist season is December to April and low season from May to

Weather: Climatological Information for Anguilla Island source unknown. Altitudes and other
factors may substantially influence the weather conditions in the same city, town and
neighborhood. Historical data may not be relied on for current conditions. Visit relevant source for
other climate variables. Monthly mean temperatures are 80F with slight ups and downs for
warmer and cooler seasons. Yearly rainfall averages about 35 inches with most rain in
September and October. Hurricane season is from June to November marked by sudden tropical
storms and hurricanes. Some businesses may reduce hours or close during this period.

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