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Ajanta & Ellora Caves, located near Aurangabad city about 392 kms (244 miles) from Mumbai, is a convenient base for visiting the famous rock-cut temples of Ajanta and Ellora. About 28 kms (17 miles) from the city are Ellora Caves that belong to the Buddhist, Hindu and Jain faiths in all totaling 32 caves. The most remarkable here is the carved shrines of Kailasa Temple chiseled out from a single rock and is lavishly carved and sculpted. About 104 kms (64 miles) from Aurangabad are the Ajanta Caves, on the walls of which are paintings, many still glowing with their original colors with outer walls covered with brilliantly executed sculptures.

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25mm = 0.9842 inches, 12.5mm = 0.4921 inches


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